Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

“Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart”, is a short book that was written by J.D. Greear in 2013. This is a book that when seen at a Christian bookstore, my cause an individual to look again just to make sure that they read the title correctly. I was one of those individuals who looked again just to see that the book does indeed say “stop asking Jesus into your heart”. This book deals with a subject that can be very difficult to address because the affect that it could have on those who read it. Assurance of salvation can be seen throughout the pages of Scripture, but is this assurance the same assurance that is being taught in the church today? This is precisely what Greear discusses throughout this book.

Beginning with his own struggles to find assurance, Greear walks through different issues that walk along side the topic of assurance. These issues include how do I know that I am saved, is the prayer that was prayed as a child enough, what if I stop following Jesus later in life, and do I need to earn (or better prove) my salvation. He is able to tell the difference between a faith that stands firm and endures, and one that withers once the going starts to get tough.

I felt that this book gives one of the most concise and biblically accurate description of what it means to be saved, and also what it does not mean. His definitions and examples are very easy to understand and are extremely helpful for anyone that is struggling with finding assurance in their walk with Jesus. He sticks closely to the Word of God and shows exactly what the Bible says when it comes to the issue of assurance in Christ, and how that looks with our world today.  I highly recommend this book for any individual or churches that are looking to address these topics.


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