Draw the Circle

Prayer is something that the Christian knows that he or she should do, but is something that is usually lacking in his or her life. Now, I do not mean that most Christians rarely pray,but are we (yes, we) praying in the way that God wants us to be praying? Are we praying with the expectation of God showing up? These are some of the ideas that Mark Batterson discusses in his 40 day prayer challenge book Draw the Circle.

This book is a sort of devotional that goes along with the book The Circle Maker. I have to say that these two books have changed the way that I view prayer. Draw the Circle gives you a few pages to read that are different things to be praying about. If nothing else, this book caused me to intentionally get on my knees in the morning and pray before I start my day, and I believe that it was well worth it. It gave me a new perspective on prayer in general. “Prayer is the difference between the best we can do and the best God can do.” This idea was not a foreign idea, but one that was rarely believed in my own life and because of this I am on my way to a more deeper, intimate relationship with God, because of prayer.

I would recommend taking the prayer challenge, whether with a small group, or church-wide. I think that it is well worth your time.


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